Advice from experts

Mr. Schweitzer contacted Carbon Busters, an Edmonton based company with the objective of developing net-zero homes across Alberta. They came to our school for the first time and they have given us so many information regarding a net-zero schools and what needs to be done in order to achieve net-zero. Their knowledge has helped us a lot and we will take this information and try our best to achieve this goal. We are also recognized on their website which is at

Student Podcast

Liam, Leon, Justine and Rodrigo were the four students who were chosen to represent S.S.S when they did a podcast with Kandace Jordan who interviewed them with questions regarding the goal of S.S.S. They were asked questions about the accomplishments as well as the future of this team. The four of them did a great job with explaining the major goals and what we do when we face challenges. Click the link below to check out our entire podcast.

Students for Sustainability – Part 2

Reducing energy consumption

With the advice of Carbon Busters, an Edmonton Based Company, who gave the team a suggestion to reduce the brightness int he classroom by taking out some of the lightbulbs from every classroom. By doing this, the brightness in the classrooms does not cause pressure on the students and teachers eyes. Five students from the team came forward to help in this process. Leon, Rodrigo, Lestyn, Sebastian and Liam set out to accomplish this goal. Over the course of two months, the five of them were able to take out 267 lightbulbs and we are soon going to finish up with the hallway and the entire school will be able to continue their daily work in a pleasant environment. The students have done a great job. They have reduced the electricity bills and all a large consumption of excess energy was reduced.

Planned a meeting with Enmax.

Enmax has agreed to meet with us and discuss our plans for the future. They are very interested in or program and so are we. Our meeting is scheduled on December 6, 2019. We are meeting up with Jason Atkinson. He is the Director of the Energy Solution Sales in Enmax. Hope our meeting with them becomes a success as we will be able to learn quite more.