How It All Started?

The Team

This idea was bought forward by Mark Schweitzer, a teacher of the science department at the school. He had an idea of reducing energy costs at our school and later presented it at one of the assemblies. Later on, several students came forward to help Mr. Schweitzer with this idea. These students all helped out and they each had a role to play in this project. They worked with Mr. Schweitzer and they all shared their ideas and even their knowledge on the topic. When the new academic year began, more students joined this group and shared their knowledge with everyone. We are currently on the road to making our program known to everyone and we are also focusing on funding our project so that we can buy solar panels for our school. We consulted with a company in Edmonton named Carbon Busters. They have been of so much help to us and have given us so much information regarding our program. First created in spring 2019, Sustainable Solutions for Schools is a student-led team with the ultimate goal of innovating the future of energy for schools, businesses, and homes alike. We are currently in the process of retrofitting our entire school to be net-zero, meaning that it will produce at least as much energy as it creates, in order to help pursue a green and sustainable future. In partnership with Carbon Busters, an Edmonton based renewable energy company, we have completed a collaborative energy audit and educational workshops in order to further educate students about how to achieve a net-zero energy status at our school. Our group is aiming to integrate solar energy into our school, as well as use Geo-exchange heating to reduce energy costs and increase overall efficiency.

In March 2019, Strathmore High School started a new group known as the Net Zero Program.

The Team

  • Leon Lobo
  • I am an international student from Kuwait came to Canada to help the school in anyway I can and to leave my knowledge with them when I leave. I have been in this team from May 2019. I do a little of everything like helping in designing this website, reduced conservation in the school at SHS by taking out light- bulbs. I have contributed a lot of my knowledge and have also helped in expanding our project to the rest of Strathmore. I have also taken the liberty to contact companies outside of the country to try and help us with funding and promoting our group. This group has made a lot of accomplishments and I am really proud to be a part of a group that cares for the environment as well as others.
  • Lestyn Lobo
  • I am a graduate at SHS. I am an international student from Kuwait who came to Canada to make a difference. I have been able to widen my knowledge in different areas of study throughout the course of this project. I was able to enhance my skills in commissioning research on the various measures one could take to reduce energy production. I compile a report of our monthly accomplishments. The most important skill that I have acquired so far from being a member of this project is that of team-work as we try our best to motivate our fellow peers with optimism especially during times when we struggle to find solutions to tackle complicated issues that constantly arise while working on such a huge and challenging project.
  • Oliver Siemens
  • Heyoo! I am a graduate at SHS. I was invited to join Sustainable Solutions For Schools after I developed The current logo for the program. My goal is to be able to leave an impact on the design of schools around the world to incorporate sustainable systems like solar panels and geothermal wells as a reasonable option to reduce energy waste.
  • Rodrigo Zamorano Fenoy
  • Hi! I am a student from Madrid, Spain. I’ve been part of this group since September 2019. My main goal in this group has been as a leader for the design team and I’m starting to take a part in this project management and funding management areas. My main contributions for this group were a design for the carports. I feel like this group is not only improving the environment but is also improving every member teaching us skills that we would not be able to gain otherwise.
  • Zoe Benoit
  • Howdy ! I was one of the ‘founding’ members of our Save Our Roots team in collaboration with Net Zero. I graduated from SHS and I know I have provided my knowledge and made a great impact on the school.

  • Isaiah McKirgan
  • Liam Doering
  • Throughout the course of the project I have been eager to contribute in whatever ways possible, applying knowledge and abilities in conjunction with the other ambitious individuals that are involved. In coordinating students, managing light bulbs, and reaching out to our partners at Carbon Busters, I aim to pursue goals that seem objectively most likely to bring desirable change to the human race – and the world.
  • Ashley McCreadie
  • HI! I am a grade 12 student at Strathmore high school and I’m apart of the net zero/save our roots program. We are working towards making our school more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We have won a grant that allowed us to get new garage bins, recycling bins, paper recycling bins and compostable bins. We are trying to get the compostable bins up and running by contacting other companies to help us achieve our goal.
  • Justine McEwing
  • I am a grade ten student and I have been part of this program since the start of the 2019 school year. My main job here in this program is to organize jobs and manage projects. I am very passionate about helping our earth and the reaching a net zero goal.
  • Barret Klics
  • I am a graduate at SHS who was a part of Sustainable Solutions For Schools. I am a member of the Net Zero program and I have helped the team by looking at audits, graphing and looking at electric bills.

  • Jaymie Smith
  • Hi! I am a grade 12 student and I am part of the Save Our Roots team. Along with some of my fellow students I have been working on getting the school in the habit of using the new bins we have acquired for our school. We have received a grant and we have new bottle and paper recycling, garbage, and compost bins and we hope eventually that every student in the school will get in the habit of using them. And I am hoping that we can get closer to eliminate the use of single use plastics as well.
  • Reanna Thiessen
  • Hey there! I’m a graduate at SHS who is a member of the Save Our Roots Program.

Faculty Manager

CEO’s of Sustainable Solutions For Schools

  • Mark Schweitzer
  • The CEO of Sustainable Solutions For Schools. He is a teacher of the science department at Strathmore High and has formed a group of students all focussed on accomplishing our goal. He has spread his knowledge to all the students and has enlightened all his students.
  • Kyle Larson
  • The principal of Strathmore High School. He has been of great support to our team and this project.
  • Leslie Larson
  • The CEO of the Save Our Roots Program. She is a teacher of the science department at Strathmore High and is also a PE teacher. She has also collected a group of students interested in saving our environment and works together with the Net Zero Program to accomplish both our goals.
  • Leslie Larson
  • The CEO of the Save Our Roots Program. She is a teacher of the science department at Strathmore High and is also a PE teacher. She has also collected a group of students interested in saving our environment and works together with the Net Zero Program to accomplish both our goals.

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Kevin Mertz