Strathmore High School

Presentation at Westmount

Justine and Leon did a 2-day presentation at Westmount for Grade 3 students.

Purchased New Garbage Bins For The School.

Along with the Save Our Roots team, we were able to place the garbage bins all over the school and in classrooms. The old garbage bins have been replaced with the newer ones.

Planned a meeting with Enmax.

Enmax has agreed to meet with us and discuss our plans for the future. They are very interested in or program and so are we. Hope our meeting with them becomes a success as we will be able to learn alot more.

Mark Schweitzer Podcast

The CEO of Sustainable Solutions For Schools was interviewed by Kandace Jordan for a blog. They asked him questions for the program and the teams’ accomplishments.

Reducing energy consumption

Students have reduced brightness in the classroom and throughout the school by taking out lightbulbs. This has reduced energy costs and energy consumption.

Student Podcast

Four students from the team represented everyone when they did a podcast with Kandace Jordan discussing what we did till date and what we are doing in the future.

Advice from experts

Mr. Schweitzer contacted Carbon Busters, an Edmonton based company with the objective of developing net-zero homes across Alberta.